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8 December 2009

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Wu Yang under autumn sky#3
28 November 2009

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Camel and Sand Dunes#19
27 November 2009

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15 November 2009

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A view of the Market#2
3 November 2009

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Rythem of Costal Line#1
25 October 2009

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House on water#25
9 October 2009

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A high key exercise
10 September 2009

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Fishing Boat
19 August 2009

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3 July 2009

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1 June 2009

Recent Comments

Colin at Eyeconic on Camel and Sand Dunes#19
Wonderful work - well done

Colin at Eyeconic on Shepherding#32
Wonderful image - well done

Amir Taheri Kondar on Shepherding#32
Great !

Buryan on Shepherding#32
Great show, wonderful light!

mohammad on Shepherding#21
nice exposure

Will on Shepherding#32
beautiful capture of the light and moment:)

Riccardo on Shepherding#32
A well composed shot!!

Himanshu Khagta on Lighting#2
Wow the colors. Beautiful

Himanshu Khagta on Camel and Sand Dunes#14
Wonderful Shot. Love it

Beautiful on Shepherding#25
Awesomee !! Love it

Marzia on Shepherding#7
such a beautiful light!

shahjahan on Shepherding#32
Hi! Sir great pictures. I have also started photography. Need your views on my pictures. How do you feel. And how can ...

Sázky on Shepherding#32
great work,nice shot,congrat

Katalog Stron on Shepherding#32
nice shot ,great compo,bravo wish all the best

Ruch Poparcia on Shepherding#32
exellent image,great colours and tones,bravo

katalog firm on Shepherding#32
great shot,nice colours and details

Nazzareno on Shepherding#32
Wonderful and spectacular image.The clarity is amazing!

Iknow on Shepherding#32

Punit on Shepherding#26
Wow.. again awesome lighting...

Punit on Shepherding#32
Great shot. Lighting is awesome!

Teuvo Vehkalahti on Shepherding#32
Very very nice photo, I like very much. I'm looking for new readers Teuvo images to your blog visitors. Would you ...

Evening Dresses on Shepherding#32
day is over. You do not want to step on your bed of roses, without anything really spectacular is. There is only one ...

Mohsen on Shepherding#32
Wow,great capture,realy artistic

Wolfgang on Shepherding#26
Great Moment that you take in a Picture.

Stephanie on Shepherding#32
Very beautiful shot....stunning in fact!

Satvik on Shepherding#32
Excellent capture !

k@ on Shepherding#32
Your stunning light, always***

Daiyen on Standing Firm
I was told about this during my visit to Yunnan, but I missed it... what a pity. Nice landscape with perfect colour and ...

Daiyen on Ski Board Race#1
I like the colour and perfect capture of action. But how do you manage to capture this, without blocking their way :)

SnickerDoodle on Shepherding#32
I think this photo is remarkable. Great work!

Wolfgang on Shepherding#32
Great composition and colours!

Marc on Go Forward
Very nice framing again, i enjoyed visiting your blog, some excellent work !

Marc on Camel and Sand Dunes#19
Great framing here, everything is there, light, shadows, lines. That's a great one!

Marc on Shepherding#32
Wow, what a great shot, the light and scene are so well captured. Good job!

Meysam on Shepherding#1
Nice shot!

louisslaprise on Shepherding#32
I really enjoy looking at your photos! I hope to be able to reach your level one day! 我要繼續加油!!!

Behzad on Shepherding#32
fantastic piece of art

Jaap on Shepherding#32
Excellent shot.

Sean Chambers on Shepherding#32
the use of light is amazing here. nice capture!

Jerry- Chicago Photographer on Shepherding#26
Great light!

Jerry- Chicago Photographer on Shepherding#25

Jerry- Chicago Photographer on Shepherding#32
Great use of light here!

Angela Smith Photography on Shepherding#32
What a great shot! The lighting effect is fantastic!

Dave on Shepherding#26
Great shot, never knew that camels were used to herd sheep.

Peter on Shepherding#15
Absolutely amazing pictures.

Álvaro on Shepherding#32
The colors, composition and sense of movement, this picture is extraordinary.

Paul on Camel and Sand Dunes#19
This one ought to be on the cover of National Geographic! It's got everything: great subject, perfect timing, and ...

Rags on Shepherding#32
wow! looks like a scene from a movie.

Joan Felix on Shepherding#32
i like your style in lighting. Perfect

faisal on Shepherding#32

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